In all schools for pupils Lipetsk will monitor camera



15.11.12.Sistemy surveillance will monitor the building and the school yard. So City Department of Education plans to protect students. Now CCTV systems already installed in 27 schools of Lipetsk.

First director sights on total surveillance and even dreamed to put cameras in all classes. But when considered, it turned out, it is very expensive — five million rubles plus three million a year for maintenance. At school number 48 worth four cameras. This is enough to control the entrance and several corridors. Camcorder not only provide security, improve school discipline.

— I will reveal a little secret: we have is four active cameras and a few casts. Which cameras are, and what are the dummies, the students do not know. And where there are cameras, children behave podistsiplinirovanney at recess — revealed the secret of the school № 48 Director Anatoly Noises

Another project of improving the safety of children — turnstiles connected to the mobile network operators — while stalled. According to the plan, the system sends SMSku parents when their child goes through the turnstile. And parents can always know where their child. But the turnstiles in Lipetsk not accustomed. They acted against fire service. The Department of Education is not going to back away from the idea of parental control over the movement of their children.

— There are other ways to solve the problem of coverage to come to school by parents SMSki without the use of turnstiles — told chairman of the Department of Education Administration of Lipetsk Eugene Pavlov. — Companies that install turnstiles are now working on our proposals. I do not think that the issue is closed, but it is being discussed with other technological point of view.

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