In an accident on the highway killed hundreds of thousands of bees



10.08.11.Na M58 highway "Amur" connecting Chita and Khabarovsk, got into an accident mikrogruzovik with dozens of hives. As a result of an accident killed two people and about 300 thousand insects.

A car accident occurred near the village of Key in the Jewish Autonomous Region. In the MOE made it clear that on the highway collided head-on two trucks. "Refrigerated numbered Amur region followed towards Khabarovsk, mikrogruzovik Mitsubishi Canter with numbers Khabarovsk Territory followed in the direction of Birobidzhan — told the regional emergencies department Russia. — The accident mikrogruzovik slid into a ditch, the driver and a passenger died on the spot. "

It was found that the Mitsubishi Canter was carrying about 30 small hive of bees, "Interfax". In each of them there were about ten thousand insects. After the accident they broke out because the hives were broken.

Meanwhile, to the scene for rescue work payment firemen arrived. "Angry bees attacked firefighters. Traffic on the highway was stopped. Rescuers treated mikrogruzovik foam and pulled out of the ditch. Insects were killed, vehicles traveling on the road restored ", — reported in the MOE.

Recall that about a year ago, a similar incident was reported in the U.S.. There, after a traffic accident freed about 18 million bees. As written Dni.Ru, rescue services had to use fire hoses to disperse the insects from the scene. However, two people who tried to eliminate the consequences of the accident, though victims of bees. People had been stung so many times that the doctors were not able to save


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