In anticipation of the apocalypse


Baikal … The cleanest, largest and deepest lake in the world. This is an amazing and amazingly beautiful lake is a place filled with very strong energy. Baikal literally attracts people to him.

Having been to Lake Baikal and walking up to his bank, many are discovering in himself the purity and depth and grace that fills the heart and helps to know the diversity of the world.

But it is not only famous for the beauty of its Baikal. It is not for nothing called the mighty …

Shamans of Lake Baikal say that our real world is divided into three parts: the upper, middle and lower. In one gods live in the other people, and the third — perfume. The shamans say, driving themselves into a special state, they can talk with the spirits of their ancestors. They are sure that any question can find the answer. The main thing is to know how to ask, from whom and about what. But that's not all. They argue that all the spirits of the people portend a terrible tragedy that can be compared, perhaps, with the apocalypse.

Near the lake is the town of Irkutsk — one of the largest in the region.

Everyone who has something to do with aviation, while approaching the city begins a subconscious fear. The reason Irkutsk airport, which has a very bad reputation.

The shamans say that the cause of many crashes in the sky over Irkutsk airport is bad energy. Ostensibly it is built on the bones of dead people. Indeed, over the last decade in these places was more than twenty accidents that claimed the lives of more than five thousand people.

What is the cause of these terrible tragedies, and why planes are broken with regularity in three years.

The cause of all disasters are different, and to identify the general trend fails.

But many who have studied the issue say that really Airport is located on the site of the burial ground, and the runway is literally built on the bones of hundreds of innocent people shot and repressed.

What do we have? Souls of the dead to his name alive?

But there is another view on this. Geologists say that the airport is built on the site of a tectonic fault, from which a huge amount of energy is released. They believe that the dead are not related to the tragedy. And the horror of what is happening is that the scientist is not known the nature of tectonic faults.

Irkutsk fault line running along the Ulan-Ude, begins in Lake Baikal. And all along the line there is a huge amount of radon emissions, which many believe is the cause of problems in the plane's instruments.

Moreover, the tremendous energy coming from the depths of the earth in these places causes the devastating earthquake.

So maybe this is the terrible tragedy that predict Baikal shamans, who heard about it from spirits? A powerful earthquake capable of destroying everything.

Maybe that's why shamans pray, invoking the spirit of the lake. Maybe they are hoping that he will have mercy, and prevent catastrophe. But fear persists: Shamans said that while the spirit of Baikal deaf ear to their pleas.

Scientists do not come to rely on spirits, and so many years studying the earth's crust, trying to find out when and where will the next earthquake. They say their guards a lull, as in this tectonic fault must be small, imperceptible earthquakes, but they are not. It seems that there is accumulated inside some huge terrible force that one day boil over. And then the worst happens.

Fears of scientists confirmed Baikal rescuers who know best what to expect from this lake. According to them, since the Baikal is located at the junction of two tectonic plates, it is possible dvenadtsatibalnogo great earthquake.

The locals still remember the stories of their ancestors, who have experienced the power of Baikal "anger", which became a real apocalypse that time. The earthquake in the late nineteenth century, the soil went into the water, even formed a vast bay, which is now called a failure.

The consequences of the terrible earthquake can still be observed from space. Today it is difficult to imagine that people have experienced. All around was water. Five of the Buryat ulus disappeared under the water.

Many divers descend to these sunken villages. Even experienced divers shudder when they see this underwater picture.

Local shamans do not lie: the land is literally saturated premonition of impending disaster, apocalypse for those who live on both sides of the lake.

This land has accumulated vast potential that can grow into a terrible earthquake. And if scientists can not find a way to it to prevent it, it remains one hope: perhaps the prayers of shamans melt the spirit of Lake Baikal, and he will have mercy. So, be saved thousands of lives.

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