In Austria, found the mysterious hole

On the field, which is owned by Austria can see quite an interesting picture. Abnormal area is located near the city of Neuhofen.


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The fact that a resident of the city had lost her cat in the street, and went to look for her, but instead of your cat found something interesting at times. It was a pit — a deep and narrow.


Franz Knolinger thought that his cat could fall back, so she threw a small stone, but he heard the sound that occurs when hitting the iron. The man thought he had imagined it all, and so he called his brother and his wife, and they saw the same phenomenon.

Today, the pit came to watch thousands of researchers from around the world, eyewitnesses have measured the weight and speed of falling stones and came to the conclusion that the well depth reaches about 8 meters.

Just deep pit was lowered a magnet to determine the existence of a piece of metal inside the pit, he was really there. Some of those present offered to lower the camera down, but she flatly refused to work inside. Scientists have suggested that it has affected, a non-uniform electric field.

Archaeologists suggest that there is a huge hole in a metal vault, but local residents and historians believe that the inside of a bomb that had been left during the Second World War. Ufologists believe that the earth is under alien base, but local residents believe that this hole leads straight to hell, and delivered next to her plate.

The above version is quite acceptable, except for the passage to hell. However, there is the question: who really made this hole. In the most mysterious place in the hole arrive geologists who will answer your questions on the weight of local residents.

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