In Baku, the buses install turnstiles


16.11.12.S 2013 fare on buses in Baku will be implemented with the card. According to ANS Press spokesman for the Ministry of Transport Namik Hasanov, the process will gradually develop. To start the payment will be made either by card or cash. To this end, three thousand buses will be installed turnstiles.

After the transition to the card payment system, drivers will receive a salary, which will not pay the Ministry of Transport, and the owners of bus lines. "Regarding the salary was a lot of suggestions. In fact, after the transition to a rationing system, payroll system will recover on its own. Entrepreneurs on the basis of payment card systems passengers will pay drivers to pay to their bank accounts.

Salary issue will be resolved between the driver and the employer, the Ministry will not interfere in this system "- said N.Gasanov. According to head of GUDP Kamran Aliyev, after the transition to a rationing system of the accidents will be reduced, "the driver to earn more money, operate buses casually, and this breaks the rules of the road, which leads to traffic accidents." Experts argue that this process will eventually improve.

As the head of the department of business development center «AzeriCard» Jahangir Mammadov will mainly be considered passenger convenience. "Transportation will be paid by« Master Card », as well as through retirement and other cards," — he said. While officials and claim the positive sides of the card system, but according to some drivers, problems still remain. According to them, there is a problem with the application of the salary.

If they are now a day earn 50 manats, then going for the salary, the amount would be much lower. "On the day I give AZN 150 plan, plus 60 manats for expenses. AZN is currently 50-60. If I would pay 300-500 manats, that to me is unprofitable. Generally, I do not believe that will go to the card system, "- says the bus driver route number 92.

According to ANS Press owner of bus lines 91 and 92 Mubariz Guliyev, the transition to card system is a very good idea, but it will create some problems for our society. As for how much the entrepreneur will pay the driver, then it depends on the traffic flow for the day. It always need to state control.

"It would be better if the State to determine the salary. It is difficult to determine its size. Need to calculate the profit for the day, subtract all the expenses, and then pay the rest of the driver "- said Guliyev. According to experts, the salary of the drivers should be regulated in the law. According to an expert on transport Mazahir Rustamov pay drivers to be issued pursuant to the contract. "From the driver needs to contract and the driver has to work according to the established conditions in it" — says Mazahir Rustamov.

According to experts, should take into account the interests and entrepreneur, and a driver. The employment contract between the employer and the driver must be supervised directly by the Ministry of Transport. "I assure you, those drivers who now refuse to work for AZN 500, after the introduction of this system will be willing to work and 300 manat.

Currently, a lot of professional drivers, who do not want to work on your system. However, if the drivers will work under the contract and payment of travel card system will be implemented, will improve the quality of service, as well as increase the number of professional drivers, "- said Rustamov.

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