In Bashkiria flowered cranberry and grape. Video


31.08.11.Do onset of autumn remained two days, and in one of the farms Krasnokamsky district blossomed cranberry and grape. However, the list of unusual phenomena in this does not end.
The answer to the question: "What viburnum blooms in August?" As well as "Why viburnum blooms in August?" Razif Bagautdinova knows. At a sign from above does not believe, and only hopes that the fresh flowers for winter viburnum have time to turn into berries. Although should think about higher powers. After all, nature surprises the woman for the second year in a row. In 2010, suddenly flowered currant.
One snowball, by the way, this year did not stop. Along with her on the farm Bagautdinova second time over the summer to bloom, and grapes.
Mistress plot to blame the vagaries Man Upstairs. All Summer in Krasnokamsky area scorching heat alternated cold rains. Suspicions confirmed by a resident of the village Taktylachuk and experienced biologists. Say 5 years they have to hear that in the fall of apple and cherry blossom.
And that's what any natural disturbances can not be explained, it's the behavior of local animals. They, incidentally, in the courtyard of Razif Bagautdinova — almost 60 goals. All live literally in a barn. Perhaps that is why caring for guinea fowl turkey as a native chicks, and sometimes admit to mare udder calf. Hostess jokes international makings animals instilled her family.
In general, the unusual phenomena here are accustomed to. They say, tourists can already carry. That would be very handy, because a village in which they live Bagautdinova, is literally on the verge of extinction. Of the 60 residential buildings with only 10. If it goes further, and their existence will be fit to enter into the category of unusual phenomena.

Larisa Mironova

Source: Bashkir satellite TV

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