In Bashkortostan, the hen laid an egg with the word Allah


23.08.11.V Chekmagushevskom region of the Republic of Bashkortostan hen laid an egg with an unusual inscription — "Allah."

Collecting eggs, farmstead Flyuza Gindullina hostess at one of them found an inscription in Arabic. Surprised rare find, the woman took her to the imam of the mosque of the district.

Cleric confirmed that the shell is really Arabic letters and translated the word means "Allah." Residents of the area said the incident a sign of God.

"The egg, which is laid hen written the word" Allah "in Arabic script. Although the word "written", it is difficult to apply, "- said in an interview Bashkir satellite television imam mukhtasib Chekmagushevskogo Gali district RB-Hazrat Shakirov.

This is not the first time that people in Bashkortostan are signs of God. Last year, in anticipation of the holiday of Eid al-Adha, the egg with the same inscription found in Baltachevskom districts. Local residents recognized a miracle happened. And the servants of the mosque was assured that curved lines you can see the name of the Almighty. Both egg shell is not really smooth and bumpy.


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