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20.07.11.V Bratsk began falling leaves! In the middle of July on the streets of yellowing trees in September. What is the reason why many agronomists and raised the alarm — know Xenia Shilov.

At the sight of the fraternal alleys, it seems that came the golden autumn! Trees began to turn yellow in the last week, and now started a real leaf fall! Many residents are surprised such a picture, because summer is in full swing.

In Rosselhoztsentre explained to us: it is because of abnormal drought. In May and June we were too hot, and the temperature is softened, but rain or not. This devastatingly affects not only the city's trees, but also on selhozposevy!

Tatiana commented Tugusheva, a leading expert on plant protection Rosselhoztsentra:

"Here in the country is also mainly the leaves turn yellow. What do people do? Watered constantly. But here there is no one to pour the entire city. The district oats have a yellow, some crops of barley generally plowed. Grains have a very weak, and as we have this year will be the grain is unclear. "

Alarm sounding throughout the area. Drought gave way grass, trees, fields, and entire forests. Fires break out, one by one.
"Similar droughts observed over the last 50 years, only twice: in 1990 and 2003. A fire danger levels, we found no counterpart in the last 20-30 years ", — says Vladimir Gontar phone, head meteorologist agrometeorological forecasts Irkutsk.

In Bratsk fires erupt daily. At the moment, the forest burns near the village Galachinsky. In the MOE noted a positive trend: fires are now able to quickly stop and put out by residents, who promptly reported new outbreaks.
Perhaps the problem will be less due to the drought in the near future. According to the latest report from meteorologists, on Thursday and Friday in our city promised long rains and thunderstorms.

Reporter: Xenia Shilov 

Source: Fraternal TV studio




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