In Buryatia, more than 70 000 people were left without electricity


1.11.11.Iz due bad weather in the three regions of the country there was a power failure. Because of Buryatia cyclone struck three districts remained without electricity — Barguzinsky, Kurumkansky and Baikal.

According to preliminary estimates, the population of the area was off more than 70 thousand people. We are carrying out emergency repair work.

— The cause of the accident was a power outage on the the line Kotokel — Turk due to heavy snowfall, squally wind gusts of about 20 meters per second — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Buryatia. — From the standby power — diesel generators powered Barguzin district center area in the near future will power consumers and Kurumkansk Baikal regions.

In the recovery operation involved about 20 people of the operational branch of "Buryatenergo" and 4 pieces of equipment. To eliminate the effects of the accident on the electricity created by the operational headquarters.

Svetlana Gromov

Source: Life News Online

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