In Chelyabinsk, the invasion of American cockroaches



21.05.12.S onset of warm weather, residents of Chelyabinsk increasingly began to notice large cockroaches occurring near residential buildings, manholes and city garbage dumps.

According to eyewitnesses, huge insects resemble common in our region form red cockroaches, but the length of more than two to three centimeters.

Thus, unusual for our climate cockroach species seen in the yards outside the Soviet, the Commune, and Pushkin, and the Walk of Fame next to the administration of the Chelyabinsk region.

According to a correspondent of "Ural Press Inform" senior fellow biological department Ilmen Reserve Alexander Lagunov, descriptions of eyewitnesses indicate that they have seen the American cockroach, which is considered the birthplace of southern regions of Central Asia and Africa.

"Colleagues have told me that this kind of met in the city limits, so for me this is not news. Personally, I have it in the natural environment is not seen, but in all respects it really is the American cockroach. He began to spread from America to Europe in the 1970s, when there were active urbanization and the growth of cities. For example, in Moscow this species caught in the subway tunnels for about ten years ago. Apparently, the American cockroach is now settled and we have, "- said Alexander lagoon.

According to entomologist life American "Aliens" meets the conditions for large populations in the Chelyabinsk region. Especially so cockroaches like basements with frequent bursts of steam. Humidity and heat contribute to the formation of temporary colonies. Alexander Lagunov not exclude the possibility, in which the American species will be more massive than the typical local residents — red cockroach. It differs from the American species that are more sensitive to toxic chemicals and infect their relatives more quickly. In this case, as the entomologist, happened a couple of years ago, the mass extinction of red beetle — a temporary phenomenon. Now this view again begins its march on residential buildings.

According to Alexander Lagunova, cause of alien species in the fauna of the Chelyabinsk region — biological contamination communications. Construction of roads and railways, underground sewerage get up to various tricks, the negative effects on nature.

"If tenants find massive accumulation colony of cockroaches, they must apply to the application in the housing office, who must deal with the processing of basements and attics of buildings together with specialists epidemiologists — explained the head of the supervision on environmental sanitation Rospotrebnadzor Chelyabinsk region Galina Romanova. — In all other cases, people have to take care about the state of the environment in which they live — or hire together with the destruction of insects, or else buy their own chemicals and treat your home. "

While in Chelyabinsk region reliably recorded only four species of the family Tarakanova including acclimatized — black and red, as well as aboriginal — Lapland and steppe. Finds American cockroach observed in the Southern Urals in 2008. Basically, they come to us by random drift or after dilution insectarium.

Anton Taranukha
Source: Ural Press Inform

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