In China, the leakage of toxic substances. Video


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28.01.12.V China struggling to leakage of toxic substances — it fell into the river. Threatened by pollution nearly 4 million residents of Liuzhou.

Chemical release occurred at a local mining company. River of harmful substances were in urban water supply. Authorities urged to stop using water.

Cadmium levels was twice as high as normal. This message caused panic — the locals began to massively buy bottled water, and authorities fear toxic substances into rivers neighboring provinces.

Source: National TV Belarus

In China, powered mechanism to respond to emergencies in the pollution of the river

28.01.12.Vlasti Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region / South China / Friday set in motion a mechanism to respond to emergencies in the pollution of waters of the local river Longjiang hazardous to human health heavy metal cadmium. This correspondent. Xinhua reported on January 28 in the HQ to eliminate pollution.

According to a notice on Friday the operational headquarters, in connection with a hit in the Longjiang River, which flows through the city of Yizhou / administratively subordinated to Hechi City / significant amount of pollutants, the situation remains very serious, now contaminated water has reached the site and downstream Lyutszyan River in the city of Liuzhou, represent a growing threat to the safety of drinking water. Operational headquarters has developed measures to prevent exceeding the maximum permitted concentration of cadmium in the waters of the River. Lyutszyan at 2-3.

"We still hope to ensure that the concentration of cadmium in the waters Lyutszyana in areas of water withdrawal limits in Liuzhou has not exceeded the permitted limit," — said a member of the expert group for the HQ Xu Chzhenchen. He said that it had happened so far is not a threat to other local rivers Qianjiang, Syuntszyan iSitszyan / which is the main tributary. Pearl / and, especially, water sources in Guangdong Province and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao.

In mid-January on the site ichzhouskom p. Longjiang began appearing deceased fish. Environmental services conducted an investigation revealed that the cause of her death was above normal levels of cadmium in the river, which occurred as a result of industrial activity Kwangsi mining company "Tszinhe"

Source: China Radio International

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