In China, there was an earthquake, there are victims

Kitae zemletrjasenie 4.9 1

February 20, 2013. On Wednesday morning in northwest China, in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, have been recorded strong tremors magnitude 4.9. The epicenter of the tremors was located at latitude 31.2 degrees north latitude and 105.2 degrees east longitude. Hypocenter was at the depth of 19 km, the agency "Xinhua".

The earthquake 56 homes were destroyed, another 815 — severely damaged. At least four people were injured, reports "RIA Novosti".

It tells one of the locals, many people ran out of the buildings on the street, when the earthquake. Fortunately, no falling debris, otherwise the number of victims could increase. One mall even resumed work after the quake. At present, the earthquake-affected areas of China conducted the rescue operation.

Kitae zemletrjasenie 4.9 2

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In Yunnan earthquake magnitude 4.8 hit more than 5 thousand people

February 21, 2013. As of 17:20 today, the earthquake magnitude 4.8 that occurred earlier at about 13:00 in Motszyan-Xaniyskom Autonomous County of Yunnan Province / Southwest China /, affecting more than 5 thousand people. This was reported in the propaganda department of the county committee of the CPC.

According to statistics, 1,320 peasant households in the amount of 5,016 people in the county Motszyan to varying degrees, affected by the earthquake. More than 10 rooms collapsed and another 880-plus — are damaged. It should be noted that the injuries were also building a rural elementary school.

After the earthquake affected areas were immediately sent to the working group for earthquake relief and aid to victims.

According to the China Center of seismological networks magnitude earthquake 4.8 occurred today at 13:01 in Motszyan-Xaniyskom Autonomous County of Yunnan Province. Hypocenter was at the depth of 5 km. At the county Motszyan noticeable tremors were felt.

Source: Xinhua

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