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21.02.12.V Dagestan because of abnormal cold vymerzli vineyards. Affected about 12,000 hectares of the best vines. Only the first estimates of the damage amounts to several hundred million rubles. The losses are so great that without government assistance to agricultural producers of the crisis can not get out. Report Marat Lugueva.

Unprecedented for Dagestan frost destroyed almost 80% of all the vineyards of the Republic. Farmers count losses due to hundreds of millions of rubles.

Yahya Hajiyev, director of the farm "Tatlyarsky":
— It is 40 years old once. So, to us has been caught. In 1972, the old saying, I was a student then. That's cut down on his black head. This is a big job, a huge cost, according to our calculations, it costs at least 130-140 million.

These vineyards of the largest farm in Dagestan Tatlyarsky grown here since 1974 last century. 6,000 tonnes of crop per season, more than 1,000 jobs. Cold destroyed everything. Blackened buds — the first and most important sign that everyone here will have to start from scratch.

Ahmedpasha Abasov, Agronomist:
— This year is really a year of tragedies for wine-growing. This year, as we look at the kidneys completely — is 100% black.

Suffered from the cold and half of all cultivated areas of the country. Frost hit even greenhouses. The first crop of tomatoes is expected in May. But almost all the seedlings died. In 11 districts of Dagestan had to introduce a state of emergency.

Sultan Sultanov, Deputy Head of the Derbent region:
— Is the private sector, it is our municipal organization. You see, this winter, the same thing — were killed, the vineyards were killed. I told you I can safely say that trees such as figs, persimmons, pomegranates, they are also out of order.

Agronomists shrug, heads and farmers are waiting for help from the state. Wineries Republic is ready for the most difficult period in the past few decades. Grapes this year will be small, and therefore, the prices of goods will inevitably rise.

Marat meadow correspondent:
— The government of the republic until deciding how we can help growers. Ministries and departments to create a commission to assess the damage. A Dagestani growers stocking patience. New Vine, which will put this spring, will yield only the third year.

Marat meadow Shehai Shehaliev. Southern Bureau "TV Center". Derbenstsky district of Dagestan

Source: TV Center Moscow
15.02.12.Sibirskie frosts for the rural workers have become a major test of strength. Frozen crops, vineyards just over 10,000 acres. In the 12 districts of the country introduced a state of emergency. The list came and Derbent.

Once profitable farms named Shamsul Aliyev today counts losses. Frost of -24 stayed for almost a week and do not have any chance of survival for young seedlings of grapes. Buds begin to feel cold even with-17-, experts say scientific research institute. And after such cold hoping for a miracle is not necessary.

To be objective in their research, chibouks cut in a checkerboard pattern on the perimeter. Left blank, as is customary in such cases, for several days in water. Laboratory technician does the disappointing findings

— Sneak when you cut, should be green, but now almost all the black eyes …

The farm has many years working on the composition of the grape varietal. We observed more than 150 different species. But after the cold is quite possible to be short of the half of them. According to all forecasts ahead of a very difficult year. Have to do with the buds further adjustments, debris and trimming branches.

In the agricultural firm "Bilgadi" also count losses. Young planting of more than 200 hectares of land could not stand frost. A time when a large crop and got a decent income, have to temporarily forget. Now the most important thing — to restore at least what it was.

Count the losses now have to not only the tenants in the least hit young gardens and sowing winter crops.

When the commission accurately determine the extent of damage is not yet known. Work in this area is just beginning. But, perhaps, it is now clear that the losses are very large, and without government assistance to agricultural producers themselves do not escape.

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Source: RGVK "Dagestan"

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