In Dagestan mudflow destroyed bridge


10.08.11.V Rutulsky region of Dagestan debris flow, which was formed as a result of the past 8 August torrential rains destroyed the bridge over the river Maik.

Destroyed bridge is part of the road Rutul — Luchek — Jenny and was built in the 60's of the last century.

Due to flushing of mud support it split in two. Forces traffic management area just above the broken bridge was erected temporary, however, and he was quickly deformed by passage of heavy vehicles.

Road builders are taking steps to restore vehicular movement in settlements of the region, RIA "Dagestan".

The "Caucasian Knot" mudslide, caused by rains, was also a cause of accidents in Tsuntinsky region of Dagestan on August 9. It washed away in a rural gap armored "Ural" with the military. On the machine were 13 people. In the fall army "Ural" with a 20-meter cliff were in one of its soldiers was killed and four were injured, informed today at the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Southern Military District.

Source: Caucasian Knot

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