In Egypt, the house collapsed, killing seven people


CAIRO, Feb 1 — RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. A three-storey house collapsed in the town of Damietta in northern Egypt, killing at least seven people, and another 28 injured, said Wednesday the Egyptian media.

The building has offices Egyptian party "Al-Wasat" (moderate Islamists).

In a statement the party said that the cause of the accident began repair work which is the owner of the store, located on the ground floor. In particular, the works have been affected by load-bearing structures of the building.

The party claims that the debris is one of the office staff. The search continues. According to media reports, in Egypt, there are about 2 million households that are hazardous to occupants. Public services have issued more than 100,000 orders for the demolition of illegal structures, but most of them have not been implemented.

The government has a program to eliminate the most dangerous areas of natural development in the country.

Source: RIA Novosti

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