In Iceland, due to fear of earthquakes volcanic eruption

zemletrjasenie v Islandii

April 4, 2013. The northern part of Iceland agitated overnight enough strong earthquake. The magnitude of the most severe tremors reached 4.7 and 4.6. In the last 48 hours, seismologists have counted 484 individual push. Due to the fact that such occasional earthquakes can be harbingers of a strong and dangerous earthquake or volcanic eruption local in Iceland declared a state of "uncertainty and expectations."

While all the tremors came from the sea space of approximately 30 km to the east-south-east of Fr. Grimsey. But the more of them fixed, the more obvious that they are matched to the land. In Akureiri and Dalvike citizens clearly felt the tremors, the epicenter of which was located just 15 km to the south-east. Incidentally, the depth of the shock varies from several hundred meters to 20 km.

New location is almost impossible to predict earthquakes, as each successive episode has new coordinates in which no logic can not be traced. If future mini-shocks will get on geological fault zone, the populated areas of the north Iceland might suffer. If you compare the historical data, the largest earthquake in Iceland dates from the last century (magnitude 7). However enough dangerous incident occurred in 2002, when the thrust force was 5 points.


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