In Japan, the earthquake and suffered ten people

February 2, 2013. In the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido was earthquake 6.9 magnitude. How citing local media reports The Global Post, injured Ten people.

The epicenter was located at 103 kilometers below the surface of the land. Tremors, contrary to fears of experts, did not result in a tsunami, although they felt the inhabitants of the neighboring islands, including Honshu, which is located about 1,300 km from the epicenter of the earthquake.

The island contains several nuclear facilities, but none of them received injuries.



In Hokkaido, there was a strong earthquake

February 3, 2013. Least ten people living on the northern Japanese island Hokkaido, were injured in the incident earthquake which had a magnitude of 6.9, the coordinates of 42,7 ° N; 143,3 ° E and depth of the epicenter 120 km. Those Japanese who needed medical help, rushed to hospital.

In the area of propulsion are two nuclear power plants, so check their administration building for possible damage. Because of the quake halted the work of several important railway lines and highways to Hokkaido. Echoes of the earthquake felt residents of the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, and residents of some areas of the Japanese capital Tokyo.

Despite the relatively high magnitude, after this earthquake, tsunami threat is detected. Along with the main shock was recorded several accompanying mini-earthquakes.


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