In Kazakhstan, a calf born with 6 legs. Video. Photo


19.01.12.V Sairam district of South Kazakhstan live calf, which has six legs and three horns. He was born 8 months ago and in that time has become a local landmark.

One of the first of the birth of an unusual animal found a village elder Abdirashit Abduhamitov. He also told everyone about this miracle of nature. Elder, this phenomenon looks optimistic and sees it's a good sign.

Abdirashit Abduhamitov, resident. Kara-Bulak: "Having seen the calf, I immediately realized it Divine Providence, and gave him the name Artykay. Just look at him — he has six legs and three horns. In all other respects this is a normal calf and no different from other animals. As well as all he runs and plays eating and drinking. "

The calf is larger than any of the calves, and the size is more like a small bull. And today there's no end to wanting to buy Artyk, but the owner is in no hurry to sell it. But if they want to explore the animal scientists, he will not mind.


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