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20.12.11.V Kazakhstan came abnormal cold. Across the country, there is an unprecedented drop in temperature. Forecasters only manages to capture a record of thermometers, and rescue services transferred to medium security.

Unprecedented rain swept across Kazakhstan like a snowball. Temperature plummeted almost throughout the country. In the East Kazahstanskoyi Kyzylorda oblastyahiz-kickoff setback canceled classes in schools. On the track "Astana-Almaty" limited traffic. Traffic police do not allow cars to diesel. On the eve of Karaganda thermometer fell to a record low. Forecasters warn, this temperature was not more than thirty years.

Janat Satybaldiyeva, ENGINEER Forecasters "Kazhydromet":
"On December 18, Karaganda region Kyzyltau station temperature dropped to -40. Thus reached the absolute minimum. Which was previously observed only in 1976. In other regions, this was not. "

Cold does not spared and south of the country. Not far from Shymkent in snowdrift passengers were dozens of cars. Rescuers transferred to an emergency alert.

"Now the cold front goes south. Therefore, in the southern region again we have removed all of the increased readiness for evacuation. "

Now Shymkent thermometer has dropped to -15, due to the cold snap storm warning announced in Almaty. In the capital of frost keep for several days. Tomorrow weather forecasters promise lowering the temperature to -20. So I think it's time to prepare for a new ice age.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists in the coming days to Kazakhstan comes a new cyclone. This means that in most regions of the country the temperature drops even more.

Artem Petrov

Source: 7 channel Kazakhstan

Unusual for the south frosts

21.12.11.Rezkoe lowering the temperature in southern Kazakhstan from minus 18 to minus 30 degrees was a disaster for the region's inhabitants. Shymkent hospitals are overcrowded frostbitten citizens, people spontaneously buying heaters, public transport routes go to in an emergency mode.

"These are the first frosts and light shoes so."

Homeless Marat Ramazanov amputated toes. Such as it is now in frostbite burns unit eight. What to do with these patients after recovery, doctors do not know the homeless people just do not survive such severe frosts.

OLEG MOON, CEO combustiologists SKO:
"They are with us are usually frostbite 1 month, six weeks after the operation, after the healing of wounds. We do not know where to define them, they have nowhere to go, we keep them, because in the street cold, if we have them write down the street, they may be 2-3 days to return back to us. Today we called the Center rehabilitation they have everything packed, they have designed for 150 beds are now 156. "

Bus driver with 25 letnimstazhem Beisen Nurzhan second day trying to start the car. But frozen at minus 18 motor refuses to work on the summer diesel fuel.

Basie Nurzhan, driver:
"Yesterday was cold — cold, too cold today. Fill it with a filling, filling all bypassed, still cold. "

Nakanuneiz-zaotsutstviya winter diesel fuel on routes not reached 50% of the public transport. Today, almost all in order, though it gives the carriers too expensive to keep warm buses run all night long.

"There are two progrevalschika all night to warm up all night, walking buses heated, so we park almost 100% left, 99 percent came from us."

Unprecedented for South Kazakhstan frosts in remote areas of the region to minus 30, today on hand sellers of household appliances. First time in many years, sales of electric heaters have grown in two, and in some stores, even three times.

Gennady Gudenko, SELLER:
"Sales have increased significantly. Customers buy more heaters converter than oil heaters, because the newer model and a large number of sales, sales rose clearly. "

But the heaters may be useless. Electricity in the region served intermittently.

And in the hands of journalists got curious document, which formally warn energy domain power supply limitations. Already, the deficit in the hours of maximum loads of up to 80 megawatts. So southerners can only wrap up warm in a cloth and wait for temperature rise on the street.
South Kazakhstan region

Irina Abramova
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Source: 7 channel Kazakhstan

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