In Kazakhstan, established tropical heat

April 13, 2013. All week, Kazakhstan live in full summer heat. Every day is updated more than a dozen temperature records. In Astana and Karaganda temperature reaches 27 in Almaty? 30, in Kyzyl-Orda — 36 degrees.

The cause of the unseasonably hot weather was a powerful wave of heat from the Central Asian deserts. The southwestern portion flows are well warmed air, which continue to further warming in a clear, cloudless weather.

It is remarkable how closely the Kazakh meteorologists described the current anomaly in its monthly forecast. The information published on the website Kazgidromettsentra April 1, says, "starts month with windy, cold weather, which will be followed in the northern part of the country precipitation and icing phenomena in the southern regions? thundery rain. Then timid moves score force the April heat, and by the middle of the month almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan established unseasonably warm, and in the south-west of the country even hot weather. "

Source: News Gismeteo

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