In Kazan, the river came the oil slick


(Kazan, October 21, "Tatar-Inform", Maria Kiryukhina). In Kirov Kazan under dam, in a place where organized fairway on the casserole on the Volga River, there was an oil slick. The correspondent of IA "Tatar-Inform" said Assistant Attorney Kazan interdistrict environmental Rayat Zainullin.

According to him, the experts took samples of the water in the scene, but the result of its investigation is not yet ready. Area of contamination is about 500 sq.m.

According to preliminary data, petroleum products dumped into the water for a boat — any traces of the liquid is not found either on the bridge or on the beach.

By the way, calms the fact that the death of fish and animals in connection with the incident is not marked. As noted Rayat Zainullin through wind slick drifted to the shore, but not to the Volga.

Source: Tatar-Inform

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