In Kerch failed asphalt. Photo

Karst holes

Photo from: KERCH.COM.UA

11.01.12.V Kerch failed pavement on a busy road trasse.Doroga failed in about 18 hours. No injuries were reported.

Sewer, which almost every three months to repair "Gorvodocanal" continues to crumble and wash away the highway. At that time the road has failed in stopping the "Library". From the resulting hole is blowing terribly sanitation.

Currently pit fenced little emergency cones. Traffic policemen who provided cones, left the scene. Now there is the chief engineer on duty "Gorvodocanal" before the pit is a machine.
According to Valery Starichenko on one side of the road does not withstand heavy traffic trolley, on the other — Emergency collector time to change. Repair work at the site will begin from tomorrow.

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