In Kiev, flowered tap water


Kyiv, August 03 (New Region, Konstantin Zelfanov) — The quality of tap water in Kiev in recent days has worsened because of the algae bloom on the Dnieper water utility.

It is reported GolosUA referring to the head sanitary-epidemiological service of the Ukrainian capital Yaroslav Ortinskogo.

"Last week, the start of mass public complaints related to water quality Dnieper water utility. Such complaints we receive each year, but now because of the heat bloom began earlier than usual, "- said Ortinsky.

According to him, the tap water in Kiev today useable after boiling. Meanwhile, on the Dnieper water utility plans to install an additional carbon filter to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

As head of the Kiev SES said that will start soon on algal Desnyanskiy utilities.

Source: "New Region-Kiev"

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