In krasnoturintsu flew home to a fireball. Photo


26.06.12.V night of 21 June, when the raging storm in one of the new houses on the street (town Mine. — Ed.) Flew into a fireball. Natural phenomenon destroying furniture and equipment. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

 — I chump just now stopped hurting — says 53-year-old Igor about the consequences of the accident. — That night I was lying, then, on the couch near the window, saw lightning, wondering whether or not the TV. And then — bam! Curtain suddenly rose! Within a fraction of a second — a loud bang! Me, I do not know how, perhaps, the blast, was thrown from the couch and I was near the door — 3-4 meters from the window. I looked at him, and then glow diameter of about one meter. Three days later I went thought it was. No way I could not understand. Rather, in the house visited fireball.

Ball lightning is not enough that the sill plate was bent in the "dog's tail" because it has crumbled betonnnuyu basis on which, in the apt remark of his host, "could BelAZ ride." Characteristically, a natural phenomenon broke only internal glazed windows, external glass remained intact. Another paradox — the TV on in the room, did not burn, unlike in neighboring rooms, and recently purchased a home theater system, plasma TV, purchased a week ago-top boxes and notebook. In total, the amount of loss is quite impressive. In the few seconds that the fireball had been staying in the house, according to preliminary estimates, the family lost their property in the 70-80 thousand rubles.



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