In Mexico, found the remains of an adult mammoth


The group of paleontologists discovered the remains of a mammoth Columbus (Mammuthus columbi), the website of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History.

To date, researchers have learned 70% of the skeleton of a mammoth. Scientists have found the skull, ribs, vertebrae, jaw and other parts of the extinct animal. The mammoth was found using techniques previously used in archeology. In particular, the work of professionals used ground penetrating radar. The mammoth was found in the town of Milpa Alta, south of the capital.

According to paleontologists, the remains belong to an adult 30-year-old individual. Animal bones were buried under a layer of volcanic ash, the eruption which occurred 10 thousand — 12 thousand years ago.

Columbian Mammoth is one of the largest members of the family elephant. His weight was 10 tons, and the height at the withers reached 4 meters

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