In Moscow showed up boy-beaver




Vova about geeks we have learned from the letters in "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

"A week ago I gnawed a hole in the closet yesterday bit the leg of a chair …"

A few days ago we received a letter to the editor: "… I have the incredible ability. I have excellent teeth, some of which reach a length of 3 inches. A week ago, I gnawed a hole in the closet yesterday bit the leg of a chair, this morning broke their slippers in tatters. I ask your newspaper to help me get into the Guinness Book of Records, or write a report about me. Please reply to the Director of the school, since I am a local "celebrity".

The letter was written in clumsy childish handwriting and in the end, as expected, there was a signature — Dorohin Vova.

Of course, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has already faced many anomalous phenomena. We found the square hole in the Martian rocks, investigated the skeleton chupacabra, got acquainted with the girl, X-ray, tomography-grandmother and other supernatural figures. But never yet met a boy with such amazing abilities rodent. Not Vova, and a beaver!

As the boy to get into the Guinness Book of Records? Vovinam teeth seem to be suitable. In ordinary people, they grow up to three inches, but as a whole, that is, along with the root. The visible part of the same — no more than one and a half centimeters. If it is a boy twice, then it obvious candidate for the record. Need to try on. And given that the boy may still grow. Together with the teeth.

In 2002, a resident of the freedom-of Adjara Nugzar Gugarachadze, holding the teeth of steel wire rope, pulled five cars weighing 228 tons to four meters. Vovinam teeth could be tested, and in this manner. But it is better, we thought, to ask a boy to chew something impressive. For example, a tree. Exactly! This Book of Records was not. We agree with foresters, go per plot, designed for cutting. And let Vova nibbles.

I called the metropolitan school. Its number 1914 printed on the envelope. Call to introduce themselves and ask the interlocutor:

— The headmaster Dorohin Vladimir …

— Vova! — I do not believe my ears …

Trying not to laugh, tell Vladimir Nikolaevich about the letter and the boy-beaver Vova Dorokhina.

The director with a sense of humor all right. He laughs, but asked me to send a letter by fax.

— The handwriting will search for the author?

— But how is one to find, I have 850 people attend. But try …

— Similar happened before?

— In the first nine years of my directorship never! But after April 1 is … Perhaps, the students decided to play me like that. Do not worry, I have to think of something, too. For example, the first of April all the lessons for five minutes increase.


Teeth grow in four rows!

Fun facts about what we have in the mouth

Sometimes babies are born with teeth already. In English baby Sina Keeney there were 12 of them. Teeth removed, so it does not hurt when breast feeding mothers.

In France, in 1896, doctors found a man with four rows of teeth like a shark.

In 110-year-old resident of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh grew new teeth.

In one of the pharmacies in Hong Kong kept the tooth length of 17 centimeters. But scientists suspect that he is still not quite human. And like it belonged to our ancient ancestors Gigantopithecus growth of 3.5 meters.



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