In Murmansk, began recycling ammunition


9.04.12.Na Northern Fleet (NF) started recycling ammunition expired.

Naval experts in 2012 will be disposed of more than 1,000 tons of ammunition, have served on time storage.

Disposal of ammunition, have served on time and storage without the prospects for further applications, conducted on a specially equipped area, located at a safe distance from populated areas — more than 15 kilometers from the city of Murmansk and 10 kilometers from Severomorsk n-3.

— Destruction of obsolete ammunition and explosives will be conducted by undermining,  — Said  Head of planning and coordinating logistics of the Northern Fleet Captain 1 rank Yury Tripolsky. — Power at the same time undermine the ammunition will not exceed 80 kilograms of TNT, the permissible norms of up to 150 kilograms. 

The area provides a constant undermining of acoustic and environmental control. Blasting operations will be conducted only during the day, with all the necessary security measures, including the restrictions on flights over the territory of the site utilization.

For the disposal of obsolete munitions and explosives in the Northern Fleet consolidated company formed from among the best trained soldiers separate marine engineering battalion and a private road engineering company Marine Engineers, SF. Personnel, involved in the work for the destruction of ammunition, underwent special training and education.

The dismantlement of obsolete munitions will be held before the end of October 2012. Last year, the Northern Fleet Dispose method of undermining the 650 tons of ammunition, have served on time storage.

Head of Information Providing the press service of the North WEST Navy Capt. 1st Rank Vadim Serga

Source: TV-21

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