In New York, police found a total video surveillance


Freedom is over, begins genocide

29.07.12.Upravlenie NYPD promised to run in the next week the total video surveillance system, through which the authorities will be able to identify criminals and potential terrorists — reports the Associated Press.

It is planned that the automated system will not only recognize faces, but also to determine the time of the crime. This she will immediately notify the officer of the operator and to provide him with solutions to the situation. Among other things, a video will be "card offenses" and optimize the organization of police officers.
Note that the New York City police have been criticized for trying to establish surveillance of activists of the Muslim community of the city and for the cooperation with the CIA. However, the police department argued that the criticism has no basis, as from the moment of the tragedy of 11 September 2001 in the city was prevented 14 terrorist attacks, Radio "Vesti FM"

Source: Vesti FM

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