In Nigeria, because of the oil killed the fish. Video


2.01.12.Strasti run high in an area on the coast of Nigeria, where the oil spill came, formed, according to residents, as a result of the oil spill on the oil rig company "Shell".

"Shell" last week issued a statement in which he denied that the appearance of oil off the coast due to its leakage during transfer to a tanker with Bonga oil rig. It is located 120 kilometers from the coast. Local residents are angry. Affected 13 villages in the Niger Delta.

"The fact that contamination is present, the problem will not go away. We can not go fishing. How will we ensure that our families? "" Shell "admitted that on December 20 did leak oil, but it was small — less than 40,000 barrels. The company said that in overcoming the effects of pollution involved five ships. The company said that its oil could reach the shore.

At present an investigation of the incident. Local residents, environmentalists and human rights organizations have challenged the conclusions of "Shell". They say that the oil is still a great deal. Fish die, a lot of damage caused to the coast.

Source: Euronews

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