In November, the Earth will charge a huge asteroid


15.04.11.V November 2011 near-Earth asteroid fly huge 2005 YU55, which will take place on our planet at a critical distance of 300 000 km, which is less than the distance from the Earth to the Moon. According to experts, this is one of the most dangerous for the Earth from the now open space bodies.

Asteroid 2005 YU55 is listed as potentially hazardous asteroids. It was opened as part of Spacewatch, implemented by the U.S. forces and the Laboratory of the University of Arizona Lunar Studies in Tucson (USA) December 28, 2005. In diameter, the object is about 400 m asteroid has a circular orbit motion and intersects with the Earth every 30 years, but this time the 2005 YU55 will approach unusually close to the planet.

As the program manager of NASA's Near-Earth Objects Observation Don Yeomans, now Space Agency through telescopes within the network Nasa Deep Space, explores the 2005 YU55 and will soon receive the image data on the asteroid with a resolution of up to 5 meters more accurate resolution will be obtained later, when 2005 YU55 approaching the Earth closer.

According to him, in the approaching 2005 YU55 should be seen not only a danger to the planet, as 100% to calculate the orbit of a space body is unreal, but a good chance to explore a very large asteroid in "phenomenal" as the resolution from Earth and from space, that will allow a better understanding of the structure of the asteroids in the solar system. According to preliminary data, the approach of the asteroid is expected on November 8.

If the trajectory of the asteroid will move in our direction, then, not to mention the obvious consequences, it should be four times the famous crater in Arizona.


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