In Petropolis, Brazil landslide

Brazilija opolzen' v Petropolise 1

March 19, 2013. The result of prolonged rainfall for the Brazilian city of Petropolis of the State of Rio de Janeiro was emergence mudslides that killed at least 16 people. Among the victims, one child and two members of the rescue services. Another 20 residents were injured. The gathering of the formation of the soil caused a spill flowing through the city center of the river, as regards the evacuation of more than 500 residents of Petropolis.

Currently on-site disaster search and rescue operations were carried out 350 experts. According to their estimates, the death toll after the landslide, which occurred in 68 km north of Rio in a mountainous area Reggiano sulfur, will be updated with new names. Hardest hit historic center of Petropolis, where dozens of streets are blocked. The city administration has announced three days of mourning for the dead. In the framework of mourning closed public schools, classes in them will be held.

Livni brought in Petropolis about 390 mm of rain, with 300 mm fell in the last day at the climate norm of about 270 mm at this time of year. From this emerged the local rainfall floods in Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba, Niteroi and Terezupolise. Unfortunately, the weather forecasters predict a rise in the intensity of rainfall and increased precipitation in the coming days.

State Geological Survey reported that 67 of the 92 municipalities have a high risk of landslides. In the 49 municipalities of the risk of avalanches and landslides remains relevant in any season, any day. Given the fact that in these "dangerous" municipalities home to 36 million people, the state government is much to think about improving the system to prevent and respond to natural disasters.

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