In recent crop circles where not only appeared




As before, there are disputes about who or what created them and that's one American farmer from Wisconsin, Arthur Rantala, said suddenly, that on 4 July (in the U.S., by the way, is a major national holiday — Independence Day) and seen as in his wheat field arose krugi1 Rantala Arthur says, looking out the window in the morning, he saw the wind came first, the trees began to sway violently, and then went on the field, the middle of the field waves appeared dark hole, and then circle polegshey wheat after the second, third All this happened in about 12 seconds, a maximum of 15 But what power did it, it was impossible to determine the Arthur Rantala convinced that crop circles do not jokers and not little green men with a UFO, and Mother Nature herself

After about 3 weeks after the onset of laps there came a group of independent researchers, and here's what they found in the first place, on the stems of wheat within the circles of nodes joints as if exploded from the inside, as if the plants were in a hot microwave, and secondly, the soil was strongly magnetized, and third, to determine the height of the terrain above sea level, it was not possible because the device inside the circle each time showing different values — from 242 feet (foot equals 0.3048 m) below sea level to 1,142 feet above sea level (actually the same height this hill — 566 feet above sea level) These jumps readings observed all members of the expedition, and even took it on video
Svetlana Anin
The world behind the mirror 19.2003

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