In Ryazan Skopin fallen meteorite


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02.08.12.V Skopin was a small incident, in which a local resident nearly lost his life from the fall of the meteorite, which flew right over his ear and fell at his feet.

Anatoly A. Chesnokov, who lives in Skopin, is retired for the past six years. At the same time, he always tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using personally assembled herbs, are currently preparing medicinal tinctures, go for long walks in the fresh air.

When a meteorite fell from the sky, he just walked across the meadow, replenishing their stocks of thyme and hypericum. It was a fine day, and around 10 in the morning was very hot. Chesnokov had not thought that the time for him to go home, somewhere next to it there was a strong impact on the ground.

Intrigued by the subject of the fallen from the sky, Chesnokov headed toward a sand pit. A dozen steps he has already noticed a slight depression in the ground next to the sandy shaft. The elderly man started digging up sand, which was so hot that it burned his hands.

Chesnokov then returned to his car and took out montazhku and continued his work. A quarter of an hour, dug a hole about half a meter in depth, pensioner ran into some solid object, resembling a rock. The object was very small, but was rather weighty. Sand, which was plastered with hot stone, was like welded to it.

Retired discovery brought home, where, after washing it with water and a brush, decided to weigh. The weight of it was about 1 kg. and 400 grams. Then the old man decided to do some experiments — has tried to cut glass stone, and it had turned out. This wonderful stone, as he christened, also left deep marks on the mirror, even a light touch.

Source: City of Ryazan

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