In search Vyatkian leshego

"Vyatskiy edge", 29.11.2002, Kirov, n219

Recently in our field expedition visited the famous Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Together with experts of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk" in Verhoshizhemsky area in search of Bigfoot, avdoshki, or Bigfoot, and went kirovchanin Anton Goldfinches.

In the wake of avdoshki

— Why such a strange, unearthly name from the association "Kosmopoisk"? — I asked in Shcheglova.
— Yes, because the ufologists are studying the most incredible phenomena that can not be explained by mainstream science. No wonder the logo "Kosmopoisk" — our galaxy, where billions of stars like a grain of sand lost solar system. Symbol of how pitifully little we know about the world and the mysterious phenomena that we face sometimes. So, to our field expedition in the Volga region of anomalous zone, where locals often see UFOs and other strange phenomena. I, for example, is very interested in the story of the mist consisting of droplets of moisture is not as current for some unknown laws in the world. In Kirov same UFO reports have led in the national press about the meetings in these places with a snow man.
— And there's the evidence?
— Slowly accumulate eyewitness accounts, video and photographs traces avdoshki, as it is called Bigfoot in the Novgorod region. Our ancestors encountered in the dense forests vyat leshimi, water … According to the description, they are very similar to the yeti, or scientifically, relict hominoid. This is a parallel branch of human evolution, our, so to speak, an environmental stand-in, which showed miracles of survival. His footprints found near the village of Verholipovo Verhoshizhemskogo district. So we pitched camp here and went to the radial trips to the area. The expedition was a psychic. With bioramok, to my surprise, were found two dens. And one very strange … Under a large "tent" of spruce, fir forests. The impression, as if someone bent trees at a height of 2.5 meters. This is hardly the case bear paws … In addition, in the den — litter, and the entrance prikopalis as hole. In general, such a den for our bears are not typical.
— Host not scared off?
— Den was empty. Perhaps now someone in it had appeared. The expedition was exploratory.
The circle has narrowed the search. Vadim Chernobrov going to come back here in the new field season with a wider range of specialists.
— Do you believe in the existence of Bigfoot?
— We're trying to learn the facts, try to visit the places where he was greeted saw footprints. Thus, according to local residents Kopitova Edward, his grandfather when he worked as a forester in Verhoshizhemskom area, in March 1957 saw a whole family of snow people near the old road … Here, too, in the 50s, there was another interesting case: winter driving on this road for a peasant. Suddenly the sled jumped hairy, scary devil … The horse was frightened and suffered. Yard hut flew, broke the gate, although a shaggy companion to the village with a sledge jumped … Have you seen Bigfoot, and now in the summer, not far from one of the abandoned villages of the district, where he was feeding on hazel.
However, the official science denies even the possibility of the existence in our area of relict hominoid, but in fact it is not just wrong. We do not lose hope to find evidence to study the phenomenon called "Bigfoot." At the suggestion of Chernobrov we organize Kirov squad "Kosmopoisk." And invite all indifferent to the mysteries of human nature, adventure lovers, enthusiasts of his native land, such as VI Sergeyev, a native of the village Marchitan Soviet area. For many years he worked in Verhoshizhemskom regional hunting and repeatedly, in his assurances, met with local thickets avdoshkami.

Reserve for … Bigfoot?

Two years ago, the New Year, as amended by the bell rang. The caller asked the newspaper to assist in the organization of the reserve for … yetis. Frankly, we have decided that it is New Year's joke, but the VI Sergeyev was not joking. He still believes in the need to take more survivors avdoshek under state protection.
After all, the forest Rogue Bor and along the river. Kishkil, which is perhaps a refuge yeti dies. And there is also growing in the Red plants: water lily, sleep-grass, common juniper tree-unique. You must stop logging and along the banks of the river Lipovka, near the village of Verholipovo where Valery once met with the family of Bigfoot.
To him jumped out of the woods some little curious creatures. And after there was a huge and shaggy-haired mother, like a bear. Staring menacingly at the hunter. Then, changing his temper justice with mercy, paw Young pointed to a ravine, and together they slipped into it and disappeared.
Sergeyev managed to see avdoshek: the face is black, furry, nose flattened in monkey, thick lips like a negro, a huge mouth. Communicate with gestures and whistles … (For this they are more popularly called shilikunami or botanushkami). Warned to not come close.
Once Valery cranberries collected in the swamp, where they apparently were feeding, so out of the bushes in his fork arrived to clean up quickly. And another time he decided to treat avdoshek: mushrooms hung in the bushes … During the summer and then it's easy to feed themselves: catch fish, gather berries. But in the winter … Therefore, according to Sergeyev, you need to build a snowman a little house-bath-house, with a viewing and feeding grounds. And thus establish surveillance of this phenomenon and the contact.
Valery Ivanovich very concerned that, based on the trail, there were already some young Bigfoot. Male, in his words, disappeared in 1999, then lost the next female. In the place of residence of the family waged a bear hunt. Could their den, nest crush tractor and loggers. The last time, visiting his native place, he left in the woods a sack of potatoes and corn sticks … Delicacy for avdoshek.
From the Editor. With a request to evaluate the proposal VI Sergeyev's organizations reserve for Bigfoot we turned to the director VNIIOZ VG Safonov. According to him, the case for ecologists. If there is an order, members of the Institute are to investigate the alleged organization of the reserve territory. After all, without the yeti these places extremely interesting. It is certainly possible to open new rare species of flora and fauna.

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