In Sicily, the newly revitalized Mount Etna


31.07.11.Sitsiliysky Etna again intensified. From the crater of the largest active volcano in Europe, again raised the flames height of 200-250 meters. Heard an underground buzz.

According to local authorities, the question of closing the Catania airport. No injuries or damage.

This is the seventh burst of activity of Etna from the same crater from the beginning of the year. The interval between them is reduced, which is believed to volcanologists, points to another escalation of seismic situation.

Italian media quoted tour operators report that the eruption of Etna significant changes in tour programs will not. According to the organizers of tourism, thanks to volcanic Mount Etna is one of the most popular attractions of Sicily. During the eruption of flights are generally transferred from Catania airport to Palermo Airport.

According to various data, Aetna has about 400 side craters. Name of the volcano is the Phoenician origin and means "Mountain of Fire", ITAR-TASS reported.


Source: Voice of Russia

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