In southern India killing elephants


In the south of India from a new disease killed six elephants

3.01.11.Indiyskie elephants killed in the south of the new disease brought by domestic animals.


Writes about it on Monday, January 3, Indian English-language daily newspaper Pioneer.

It is reported that in the last 20 days veterinarians recorded in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu), six deaths from hemorrhagic septicemia elephants. This area is home to about six thousand wild elephants, whereas only in India, there are about 25 thousand.

According to experts, the outbreak was the result of the local community of the reserve lands for grazing.

"The situation is dangerous. The spread of infection was grazing in the park. We have already told the shepherds not graze animals in the forest ", — the newspaper quoted the country's chief forester Singh.

Indian authorities also launched a campaign to vaccinate animals to prevent further destruction of the elephants.

Recall, as previously reported, in the Indian state of Assam locals hunted elephants with poison and killed with poisoned arrows to defend their homes and crops.


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