In Streletskaya lotus blossoms


21.09.11.Na days, passing on the Volga river in the village of Strelets, saw among dense reeds broad leaves swaying in the wind.

— Is lotus? — Wondered aloud.

— Yes, this is a real lotus — confirmed a man, a local resident, appeared next to me. — Last year, he at first appeared. In this I see him again. He even blossomed.

I tried to approach the lotus close. But the ground was sticky. Without wading boots are not necessary. It would be possible to get close to the boat. But all the boats were laid up. Reflection, rolled up his pants leg higher and thus closer to the sacred colors at arm's length. Then admire a photo.

Earlier in these places did not grow lotus. However, it is growing and cane. This in recent years, he appeared here. Still appeared overgrown shrimp — water chestnut. Something incredible is happening to nature. And in general, why be surprised? Shallower Mother Volga. Slowed down its course. Overgrow its banks …

An area in which to "settle" the lotus, a small 10-15 square meters total. But it all starts with something small. Over time, this can be a little big. In the backwater, in five or six miles from the Archer, a few years ago, too, there were some lotus plants, and now there they do not count.

How does the lotus appeared so far from the main site of this belt? According to one version, it brought here migratory birds. On the other — this is the work of man. Local hunters and fishermen go out to the Caspian coast every year, maybe some of them brought seeds and planted in front of the village in the reed beds.

Like it or not, to judge you.

But the fact remains that the Astrakhan lotus gaining more and more territory, appearing where before there was none.


Source: Newspaper VOLGA

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