In Taiwan, there was a strong earthquake

March 27, 2013. Earthquake magnitude 6 points occurred on Wednesday morning in the central part of the island of Taiwan. Brunt of the disaster came in Nantou county, located 250 km from the capital city, which also felt tremors. The epicenter was at the depth of 15 kilometers. According to experts, there is no threat of a tsunami.

As a result of tremors in a number of buildings collapsed ceilings, was suspended rail and underground work.

At least 20 man in Nantou County and neighboring communities suffered minor injuries.

Taiwan is located at the junction of tectonic plates and seismic events recorded on the island regularly. The earthquake, which occurred on Taiwan in 1999 killed about 2.5 thousand man.

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On Taiwan a man was killed by the earthquake

March 28, 2013. The Associated Press referring to the local seismologists reported that on March 27 in the central part of the environment of Taiwan hit by an earthquake. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter was located 61 km from the city of Taichung, and 139 km from Taipei city at a depth of 20 kilometers.

According to media reports, the earthquake of magnitude 6.0 hit a total of about 80 people. Among them, 72-year-old resident of Nantou County, she died under the rubble of their own homes.
The consequences of underground disturbances were cracks on the walls of several buildings of the capital. However, according to city services, risk to people they represent. Assessment of the damage is estimated by experts.

By the way, for the inhabitants of the island of underground instability is not a rare phenomenon. Last earthquake was recorded here in early March of this year.

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In Taiwan, there was a strong earthquake

March 27, 2013. Earthquake magnitude 6.5 occurred a few hours ago in Taiwan. At least one man died — a 72-year-old woman struck the wall of the temple. Affected, according to preliminary data, the top ten. Working day at the time of the quake has already begun. Many people ran in panic into the streets, but the school was evacuated organized.

Taiwan is one of the most seismically active zones of the planet. Each year, fixed to 18,000 tremors.

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