In Tambov blossom apple and cherry in Bryansk. Video


In "Bryansk forest" cherry blossom

23.08.12.Cheremuha blossomed in the reserve "Bryansk forest". "This is not a natural anomaly", — the environmental education department of the reserve. This phenomenon is called the "second flowering."

It is connected with the fact that the flower buds that shoot out next spring, partly formed in the summer. Since July and August was warm, the kidneys are not fully matured and began to wait next year and blossom now. By the way, is almost autumn flowering cherry in the reserve "Bryansk Forest" happens about every two years.

Source: Our Bryansk

Nature works wonders. Apple tree blossom 2 times.

Video posted 08/21/2012 user Lerochka Miloserdova

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