In Tasmania there are more fires

January 5, 2013. On the southern Australian island Tasmania recorded the hottest day in the history of meteorological observations of reference, that is, since 1880. In the capital city of Hobart air warmed up to +41,8 ° C, which had never previously happened on the island. Previous temperature record to +40,8 ° C was set in January 1976.

So hot surprises everyone in the county, as in the history of Tasmania records above +40 ° C. met only 3-4 times. The current heat wave is related to the heat, cover the south of the island and the mainland of Australia. High temperatures during the day and night, immediately led to the emergence of several fires, and cluster fires.

Available burning areas of Epping forest plantations have led to the destruction of several buildings on the island. Tasmania. All roads leading to the peninsula Tasmania, closed. In the combustion zone has got about a thousand people, all of them were rescued and taken by boat to the peninsula. To fight the fire caused hundreds of firefighters. In Daneli, located to the east of Hobart, has burned about 30% of the buildings, including a police station, a bakery and a school. During the next fire killed one person.

Warning of the danger announced in an area where there was a big forest fire near Bicheno, which is 180 km north-east of Hobart. At risk are the capital of the southern state of Adelaide, where the air is heated to +45 ° C. In Melbourne is also very hot, up to +40 ° C.. Residents of Sydney's little luck more, because there is not the thermometer rises above +30 ° C.


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