In Texas, found the skull of a child star

It so happens that some people find very interesting things, and in the places where they did not expect this. Discovery, which Mary confirms that our planet is constantly visited by extraterrestrial beings, and their existence is not a myth but a reality.

In 1930, Mary, who was only 15 years old, his parents went to visit relatives in Chihuahua. Vacation was planned for 150 kilometers from Chihuahua, in an unusually beautiful place near the Copper Canyon. Relatives of Mary warned that it is best not to examine the abandoned mines, which were, as on the local belief in those caves inhabited to this day the evil spirits. But the young girl did the opposite.

Mary long examined neighborhood villages and accidentally came across to the mine, which looked like a long tunnel. The girl found it entertains on the back skeleton of a woman next to a woman was a grave from which protruded a deformed child's hand as she dug her — discovered the baby, but with a very strange skull.

The girl decided to restore the skeletons, for that she folded them in a basket, and buried it in the garden. But at night the village suffered a terrible storm in the morning shopping turned upside down, and managed to find a skull and some bones.

For years, Mary kept these skulls, as a souvenir, which resembled a fascinating tour of the springs. In the 90's, when Mary was seriously ill, and she handed the box to my best friend, asking to protect the relic. However, John, could not resist these skulls showed your friends who have a biological entity that up stated that the skull belongs to one person and one alien.

Biologists have decided to contact the experts who carried out a detailed examination Tahaskoy finds. As a result, it was confirmed that the remains of the skull belongs to none other than the alien baby, but how he got there remains a mystery to all.

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