In the Amur region in March 2011 of a possible earthquake


9.03.11.Kak we know, in the Amur region in March 2011 of a possible earthquake. The most dangerous area is north of the Amur region. In the north of the Amur region, Yakutia, and the north-east Trans-Baikal region remains high seismic activity.

However, there may earthquakes on the adjacent territory of China (PRC), which can lead to fluctuations in the Earth's crust in the border areas of the Amur region. Small shocks can achieve and Blagoveshchensk.
As we explained in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Amur region, this earthquake is not expected, it simply nonexceptional. "Referring to the statistics, once in the Amur region in March, there were tremors. Once was — then perhaps — explain the management staff. — There were collated data of past years. In fact, all forecasts "are created" on the basis of observations. Necessary that the earthquake will be, but just have to keep that in mind. "
Small oscillations of the earth surface residents of the regional center last felt 15 January: urban apartments chandeliers swayed, moving items on the shelves. There were no casualties or damage. Tremors were minor: 2-3 points — the initial shock, which can sense people.

Alexander POLEVA


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