In the area of Lake Baikal found parking and settlement of ancient people




In the district of south-eastern tip of Lake Baikal in the Irkutsk region and found parking fort ancient people kurykan.
Kurikans lived in the region until the Middle Ages, and then were driven to the north of the Buryat tribes.
Findings Related to this nation, made the young historians from Irkutsk during their march along the banks of the lake, reported "Interfax" a representative of the organizing committee of the regional "Turiady" Olga Sazonov.
Total found about 200 different archaeological artifacts. Archaeological finds, aged from 2 to 5000 years old, lying almost on the surface of the earth. The most valuable find a jade ax, which is about 3,500 years old. Near the village of Big Goloustnoye also found more ancient pottery shards and arrowheads.
The scientific value of findings identified archaeologist Vadim Altukhov who accompanied children in the campaign. Only one parking guys found about 20 items.
Scientists note that the archaeological research in this area are difficult because of natural conditions. Summer, during the archaeological season, to the west side of Lake Baikal is difficult to find skilled, because the bank in this rocky place. And in the winter on the ice organize spetsekspeditsii does not make sense, because the ground is frozen, and the excavation is impossible.
Currently, archaeologists are finding out whether the known parking found on the shores of Lake Baikal and science. In any case, ancient finds replenish funds Regional Museum.


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