In the Carpathian landslides can cover dozens of homes


The village in the Carpathian coming Yew Mountain

30.07.11.Na Carpathians, Tisova residents get to their homes more than a year in the mud along the mountain, which began to slide.

If landslideunchecked, these homes will be covered mountain, and along with cuts of any message sixty residents of homes where live two hundred villagers, a third of them — children.

The Commission confirmed that these changes — a natural disaster.

During the last, the fourth shift, mountain locomotive to right on the courtyard of Nicholas juggernaut and an excavator who worked nearby. Hooked up the house and the fence.

Reinforcement work yew began before the New Year. From the state budget allocated three million six hundred thousand hryvnia, but the mountain is still moving. The villagers came to the conclusion — the contractor trash.

"Filled with mud … it all concrete on the roads! Until now, no one to pump water "- complains a local resident Nicholas Protsevich.

Ivan Yatsinin, country head Tisova assured that the contractors did not have 2-3 months. "Here we are, left! Day done and gone "- he says.

In turn, contractors recognize that the work is really delayed, and claim that this is due to the weather, and the villagers. Like, some threatened and prevented him from working. And also, say, the quality of the retaining wall — corresponds to the approved project.

According to Deputy Director of the contractor Boris Baylyaka "project provides a minimum of 1.5 m in the hard rock that we are."

"Weather is unpredictable. Hardly begin to undermine, and even long rains — mountain rides. What prevents invest in the schedule, "- said Leonid Roik Head of Emergencies Bolehovskogo City Council.

According to them, if the weather allows, the first phase of the work will end next week. Temporary supports stop landslides. However, to solve this problem, we need a million hryvnia, and the money yet.



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