In the Caucasus begins era of seismic activity


12.01.11. "Active seismic processes in the Caucasus, including Azerbaijan, began with the end of 2010."

About this newspaper "Caspian" said the president of the Global Network of earthquake prediction (GNFE), Professor Elchin Khalilov.

"This is due to the fact that about 15 years ago, geophysicists have registered increase in the rate of motion of magnetic poles by 500%. Before that, some 100 years it has remained virtually unchanged. Another factor in the increase in seismic and volcanic activity, is solar activity.

Expected solar cycle maximum is expected in 2013, had already begun to appear from the beginning of last year. 2011 will be obvious to the people of the Caucasus that begins the era of seismic activity, which will last until 2015, with two peaks, a smaller one in 2012 and stronger than in 2013 — 2015, between which activity declined slightly, "- he said.


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