In the garden of Stavropol azaleas bloom. Video


11.01.12.V Stavropol Botanical Gardens bloom exotic representatives of the flora. Blossomed azalea — a flower, which usually begins to open their buds only in late spring.

Another name for the flower — rhododendron Indian, though his birthplace — China and Japan. In the East, it is considered a symbol of feminine beauty.

However, in the Stavropol Botanical Garden say that flowering azaleas — merit is not a capricious nature, and local botanists.

"We tried to make sure that they have bloomed for the New Year. Flowering has been going for about a month. These plants is probably more than 10 years, and every year they bloom, "- said the director of the Stavropol Botanical Garden Vladimir Kozhevnikov.

Temperature for flowering rhododendron — 10-12 degrees, the lighting should be diffused. Such conditions and support specialists botanical garden. If correct care of plants, they say, the buds will bloom for about two months, even if it bloomed early.

Source: STRC "Stavropol"

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