In the new year, Romania will shake more than usual

January 1, 2013. According to the forecasts of seismologists, which began 2013 year Romania will be marked by earthquakes. According to conservative estimates, in the month on these lands will be an average of 15 tremors with a capacity of up to five on the Richter scale.

This high seismic activity is alarming scientists. In their view, such a number of aftershocks, though not a large force, it may cause a lot of changes on the surface of the Romanian territory.

As the researchers of the Institute of Physics of the Earth in Romania, they can only make predictions of earthquakes of low power, up to five or six points. Tremors with a magnitude greater they can not yet predict.

According to observations, the docking area of the Eastern (Ukraine) and the South (Romania) Carpathians, is a highly active seismic zone, called the "zone of Vrancea" (at this point is the Romanian county of Vrancea). On average, the magnitude of earthquakes here in the range of six to seven points. For the nine-plus years in the area was recorded ninety aftershocks force which exceeded seven or eight points. Seven-point earthquake in this area Carpathians are already considered a disaster, their effects are felt distinctly in the south-west of Ukraine, in particular in Bukovina, as well as on the territory of Finland to Greece.

On average, in the Vrancea area is up to ten small earthquakes in a month. 2013 year promises to set a new seismic record, which is unlikely to please both residents Romania, and Ukraine.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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