In the oceans of the world is becoming more dead zones




UN experts working on a program to protect the environment (UNEP), warned of the increasing number of "dead zones" in the oceans of our planet.

Now these oxygen deprived 'areas' on the Earth about 150, as they threaten fisheries and the people who depend on fishing.

His appearance "dead zone" required an excess of nitrogen, which is a consequence of the impact of agricultural fertilizers, sewage and emissions of vehicles and factories.

Nitrogen, in turn, leads to the rapid spread of plankton destructive oxygen in water. While the fish can avoid this "choking" such creatures as molluscs, lobsters, oysters are not able to leave the "dead zone."

UN demands urgent action. Among other features: plant trees and plants that will prevent the penetration of nitrogen in water bodies to deal with traffic emissions, create alternative energy sources, and improve wastewater treatment.


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