In the river, fish kills occurred Plavitsa


16.02.12.Spetsialisty environmental services Lipetsk region, including state inspectors Lipetsk Department of State Control, supervision and protection of living aquatic resources of the Azov-Black Sea territorial management Rosrybolovstva Plavitsa found in the river in the area Dobrinsky the dead fish.

According to preliminary data of fish — roach, perch, bleak — did not die from oxygen starvation due to frost, and poisoning certain substance.
The department said that the deceased fish was found near the village of Veselovka, near which there is Dobrinsky sugar factory. According to laboratory data in fish mortality was 9 milligrams of oxygen per liter of water, when the critical threshold of 3.5 — 4. Therefore suspicious of the plant, waste water that might fall into the river. Water taken from the river, as well as the lost fish and all that passed for research. Their results can be obtained in the next seven days.

Specialists note that fish Plavitse can not perish from lack of oxygen, for the reason that in some places the river does not freeze even in extreme cold. In addition, the fish does not swallow air, as the shortage of oxygen, and was moving erratically, which is typical in cases of poisoning the water.


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