In the river, the fish died Uvinke


7.04.11.Izhevsk. Udmurtia. In the river Uvinke in Vavozhskogo district killed all the fish. Local fishermen catch it. On the river abruptly stopped biting, and the entire bottom was covered with the corpses of fish.

Signal at the place of death of fish left experts monitoring of water and fish resources, Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center and State Veterinary Udmurt Republic.

In several places the lanes were cut, seen that information was confirmed. By commissioning samples were collected dead fish bionts, water. Experts immediately put forward two versions of the cause of death of fish — Dumping of toxic poisoning or lack of oxygen.

According to the Udmurt Veterinary Diagnostic Center, toxic substances fish were found, but the oxygen content in the test samples of water below the permissible limits of 2 or more times. This was the cause of death of fish observed in the management of animal health at Udmurtia.

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